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Ethos Values

Our Aim

To grow together to build a strong, safe and happy community where learning and achievement are valued by all.

Our current priorities for school development plan include

  • Imparting standard English language skills across the school and to improve the levels attained by pupils at the end of Year.

  • Continuing to improve our assessment system and understanding for ultimate improvement in quality education.

  • Aligning our practice with the requirements of 'Every Child Matters'.

  • Continuing to develop as an extended school community.

  • Developing enhanced leadership qualities amongst youth.

The other integral parts of our aims and objectives are:

  • Curriculum development.

  • Workforce reform.

  • Independence, citizenship and participation in our community.

  • Continuing to develop our understanding of meeting the needs of pupils with global era and to create a learning environment for the talented, able, gifted and other pupils who need special consideration in our school.

  • The physical and learning environment.






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