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The Curriculum

Following the National Curriculum the School sets out the program for syllabi to be covered by the children as they progress through the school. It covers the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and Information/ Communication Technology (ICT) and the foundation subjects of Urdu and Islamiyat. We also teach religious education in accordance with the Ministry of Education agreed syllabi. The Head Office school curriculum policies in these subjects are reviewed regularly so that they are closely matched with the students' requirements.

At Air Foundation School System, we also provide a number of events, activities and learning opportunities that enrich and extend existing curriculum.

Other Aspects of The Curriculum

  • promote understanding of equality of opportunity in all aspects of school life.

  • break down prejudices and build positive attitudes.

  • offer all pupils a relevant and up-to-date education that promotes the cultural mix of our society.

  • promote understanding and mutual respect of all members of society regardless of differences.

  • treat discrimination within the school seriously.
    make known this policy to all members of the school community.

When considering admissions to the school, we do not treat pupils differently on
the grounds of ability, race, culture, class or disability. We monitor access to the
curriculum and achievement of different groups of pupils to ensure that all pupils have the same opportunities to learn and make progress. We aim to have an inclusive school that welcomes and respects all.






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