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Rules & Regulations

Attention of all is invited to the following aspects, failing which strict disciplinary action shall be taken against the defaulters.

  1. Indiscipline, cheating, telling lies, stealing, use of abusive language and immoral conduct.

  2. Rudeness and misbehavior with staff members and seniors.

  3. Keeping firearms, knives and any other weapons.

  4. Smoking, use of any drugs or narcotics.

  5. Willfully or deliberately damaging school property.

  6. Being habitually unpunctual in class.

  7. Taking parts in strikes, protest, inter group fights, politics and indulging in any unruly activities.

  8. Keeping undesirable literature.

  9. The fee should be paid through Bank Chalan or in Cash. Cheques are not acceptable. Fee in cash will only be deposited with ACCOUNTANT and receipt of the same be collected.

  10. The fee is payable by 5th day of each calendar month in advance. All late payments shall attract following  penalties/ surcharges:

     a. Rs. 50/- per day for the first 30 days and Rs. 100/- per day  

        for  the next 15 days shall be charged.

     b. If the fee remains unpaid by the end of 45th day, the student's

         name is liable to be struck of the School Strength (SOS).

     c. Re-admission shall be made on payment of Rs. 3000/-, which is

        subject to the approval by the Principal.

  11. No student shall be allowed to appear in the Board Examinations, Annual        

       Examinations and / or Monthly Examinations/ Tests unless his/ her accounts

       are settled in full by the date on which the examinations begin.

  12. Incase of a withdrawal of a student by the parents/ guardians, the student 

       shall have to pay full dues for the month during which he/ she is withdrawn. 

       Such withdrawals are entitled to refund of security deposits only.

  13. Dues once deposited are NOT REFUNDABLE in any case.

Note: Violation of the school rules can and will result in the withdrawal/ expulsion of a student from the school, with or without warning






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